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About Us

We Are Anagenesis

We Are

Anagenesis Ecosystem provides a frictionless production of renewable energy by using the power of bioengineering and blockchain.


By joining Anagenesis Ecosystem, you become part of the new green energy movement that supports the future of global infrastructure in the new economy.

The Anagenesis patent is used for faster and more resilient growth of Anagenesis trees. After harvest, the potential utilization of trees is no limited to bioenergy, pellets and green energy.


Anagenesis Ecosystem is an umbrella of different environmental projects that can be adopted by any country, region and city. Anagenesis Ecosystem can solve internal problems, like excessive CO2 emissions and/or soil corrosion by using the project of reforestation. Also, depends on the location, Anagenesis Ecosystem can and will try to create new employment position for local people, as factories will operated in the place of construction and support the global economy. This is the minimum benefits of the Anagenesis Ecosystem.

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